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Efficiency from the earth. In summer, a GHP uses the refrigerant cycle and a ground loop system to move heat from indoors to the earth. In winter, the system reverses and heat can be moved from the earth to the home. Drawings supplied by

We can install a system that can supply heating, cooling & hot water efficiently

Are you ready to upgrade to a geothermal heat pump? This type of HVAC system is also known by other names: ground-source heat pump, earth-coupled heat pump, etc. Here at GeoFurnace Heating & Cooling, LLC, we find that many homeowners are interested in geothermal heat pumps because of the numerous advantages they have over other HVAC systems.

Benefits of geothermal heating and cooling

  • Suitable for new construction and retrofit applications.
  • Utilizes renewable energy: the steady temperature of the earth.
  • One of the most efficient HVAC systems for supplying heating, cooling and (with some systems) hot water.
  • Up to 44% more efficient than air-source heat pumps.
  • Up to 72% more efficient than electric resistance heating.
  • Heating water with a geothermal heat pump can save 80% - 95% over the cost of operating a separate tank-type water heater.
  • Greater durability and longevity than air-source heat pumps.

Take advantage of all the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling. GeoFurnace Heating & Cooling, LLC installs quality geothermal heat pump systems in Michigan. We are the area's trusted HVAC contractor, serving Petoskey, Williamsburg, Traverse City, Elk Rapids, Cadillac and nearby. Contact us today for a Free Estimate!

Comparing the efficiency of an air-source heat pump with a geothermal system

Some systems have limitations that just do not apply to others. As with anything home performance-wise, there are lots of options and everything claims superiority. However, let’s investigate the facts of these two systems. Air-source heat pumps provide both heating and air conditioning just like a geothermal unit, but an air-source heat pump simply becomes inferior in below freezing weather conditions. This may be somewhat understandable, as that is quite serious weather! But, if there were a system that doesn’t back down to even those extremes, wouldn’t you want that system instead?

Geothermal units are 6 feet below the ground and rely on the deep and steady earth temperature, removing the element of climate surprises. Whether the outside weather is extremely cold or very hot, the earth’s stable temperature is the perfect heat source for our geothermal system. Your summer days can now be comfortable and less humid without any trouble from your system.

Not only do you receive year-round comfort with a geothermal unit, but some can also include a “desuperheater” for the added benefit of hot water washing! You’ll see incredible savings using this system for its reliability and ability to reduce your water heating expenses. If you’re looking for the “gold standard” for economic heating and cooling, you have found it in the geothermal system!

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At GeoFurnace Heating & Cooling, LLC we offer home energy services that improve your home’s comfort and reduce your carbon footprint and energy expense. Who isn’t looking to cut back on their utility bill? Contact us today and we will provide a Free Estimate for our heating and cooling solutions in and around Williamsburg, Elk Rapids, Petoskey, Cadillac, Traverse City, Rapid City, Interlochen, Charlevoix, Kingsley, Kalkaska, Leland, Suttons Bay and more! You can give us a call or contact us online and we’ll gladly schedule a Free Estimate for a geothermal heat pump installation or home energy audit that evaluates the efficiency of your entire home! 

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