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GeoFurnace is Northern Michigan’s experts in all forms of HVAC Heating and Cooling Systems! Whether you are looking for a Natural Gas Furnace, Propane Furnace and even Geothermal, or Air Conditioning we can provide the system you are looking for. Serving Traverse City, Kalkaska, Benzie, Leelanau and surrounding areas.

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Geothermal Heating & Cooling

What can Geothermal do for you?

Benefits of geothermal heating and cooling

  • Suitable for new construction and retrofit applications.
  • Utilizes renewable energy: the steady temperature of the earth.
  • One of the most efficient HVAC systems for supplying heating, cooling and (with some systems) hot water.
  • More efficient than air-source heat pumps.
  • More efficient than electric resistance heating.
  • Heating water with a geothermal heat pump can save you money over the cost of operating a separate tank-type water heater.
  • Greater durability and longevity than air-source heat pumps.

Is your home performing as it should?

Get a Home Performance Evaluation Today!

Blower Door Test – Measure Air Infiltration/Leakage

Comprehensive Home Energy Assessment

Health and Safety assessment of mechanical equipment

Combustion Safety Test to detect carbon monoxide and gas leaks

Energy Computer Modeling

HVAC Assessment by staff engineer

Infrared Camera analysis to locate hidden energy issues

Proposal for recommended upgrades and improvements.

Mitsubishi Mini Splits

Make yourself comfortable.

Learn how Zoned Comfort Solutions help make you comfortable in every room.

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We spend too much of our lives worrying. Make the comfort of your home not one of those moments.  Here at Geofurnace we specialize in making your home comfortable, in any season.  Whether it is heating, cooling, ice dams in the winter, we can help.

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