GeoFurnace Crawl Space Encapsulation

Is your Crawl Space useable? Musty? Dirty? Insulated?  Many homes in Northern Michigan are set on partial or full crawl spaces.  Most of which are an avenue for energy loss.  As usual those areas you can't see sometimes pose the biggest energy loss in the home and the crawl space is certainly one. We all know that air flows from the bottom up. In many homes that begins in a leaky crawl space.   

  • Seal out musty odors.
  • Reduces energy costs with insulation.
  • Allergens such as mold and dust mites throughout the home can be reduced.
  • Greatly improves indoor air quality throughout the entire home.
  • Rid your crawl space of moisture.
  • Make a dry, clean and usable storage area.

Why do I need my Crawl Space fixed?

  • Cold Floors
  • Musty Smells
  • Unusable Space
  • High Energy Bills